Talent Acquisition

Optimize strategies and improve recruiting effectiveness through supply/demand analysis, target market selection, employer branding and reputation, and compensation benchmarking.
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Insights to Optimize Strategy and Improve Recruiting Effectiveness

The Insight for Work (IFW) analytics solution provides unique and timely job and labor market insights to make data-driven decisions. IFW insights identify target growth opportunities and improve employer recruiting effectiveness. 

Recruiting and Staffing Companies

  • Target higher revenue generating regions
  • Focus your business development efforts on bigger impact titles
  • Accelerate candidate sourcing through competitive awareness
  • Determine a title’s ability to be filled based on market data
  • Provide compensation guidance to manage client expectations
  • Advise clients on employer brand and market positioning
  • Provide clients with performance reports
  • Stay on top of the latest labor market trends
  • Assess skills necessary for placing candidates successfully

Corporate HR Departments

  • Proactively manage project timelines through fill metrics
  • Maximize employee ROI by identifying markets for remote work
  • Attract the right talent by understanding candidate expectations
  • Understand your company’s reputation strengths and weaknesses
  • Leverage and apply marketing insights from candidate reviews
  • Track competitors’ hiring trends to uncover strategic direction
  • Retain talent by staying ahead of labor market trends
  • Utilize analysis for HR performance reports
  • Identify emerging job titles and requirements

Flexible and Scalable Analytics Solutions

Our flexible pricing options support small to enterprise organizations with varying needs of analytics – from a simple report service to interactive dashboards and customized analysis.

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