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Instantly analyze the regional and national labor market landscape using the latest job postings and labor trends.

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Insight for Work is a labor market analysis service and dataset that provides a snapshot of current job postings and broader labor trends for assessing programs and staffing that meet market demand and skill requirements.

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In this free webinar you will learn the changes that are happening in real-time as the labor market resets from the COVID-19 crisis.

  • What occupations and related academic programs are gaining momentum?
  • What market labor trends have emerged in the past month?
  • What skills and abilities will be necessary for the jobs of tomorrow?
  • What geographical areas are experiencing the highest growth rates?
  • How you can analyze this data to maximize time and effectiveness?

Included in this webinar are access to free self-service dashboards that will provide instant analysis to job and labor market data. A link to the recorded webinar will be provided to the participants.

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