Insight for Work

Insight for Work is a jobs and labor market analysis application for rapidly comparing and analyzing market trends without any database knowledge. Insight for Work integrates and optimizes data from job postings, hiring company profiles and ratings, compensation and benefit surveys, resumé profiles, skills and assessments, and government agency publications with the power of the Microsoft® Power BI business intelligence platform.

Staffing and recruiting firms, HR, career and workforce development professionals use Insight for Work to:

  • Develop and implement client strategies
  • Offer competitive/prevailing salaries
  • Understand job market supply/demand
  • Improve employer ratings and brand
  • Accelerate talent outcomes
  • Target new job markets/titles
  • And much more!

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By the Numbers

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Current Job Market Insights

  • Date
  • Title and occupation
  • Integration to Standard Occupational Classification (SOC)
  • Industry (InsideView, NAICS, SIC)
  • Geography (state, county, zip, MSA)
  • Hiring company (including Indeed and InsideView® Profiles)
  • Occupation clusters (O*NET and others)
  • Program classification (CIP)
  • Company classifications (size, operating status)
  • Direct link to job post
  • by NAICS
  • by InsideView Industry
  • by SIC
  • Company ratings (employees/former employee)
  • Benefits provided
  • InsideView® profiles
  • Indeed company page
  • Links to company URL’s
  • Survey count of employees/former employees
  • By title, company, and region
  • Additional compensation (e.g. bonus, overtime)
  • Median salaries compared to minimum and maximum
  • Impact of job experience on compensation levels
  • Title and occupation
  • Geography (state, MSA)
  • Educational institution
  • Educational level
  • Common skills and certifications
  • Assessments and proficiency

Labor Market Trends and Insights

  • Occupational clusters
  • Occupational descriptors (e.g. ability, knowledge, skills)
  • Detailed occupational tasks
  • Employment and 10-year projections
  • Wage levels (10th, 25th, 75th, 90th, mean, median)
  • Self-employment percentage
  • Labor force exits and occupational transfers
  • Typical educational attainment
  • By national, state, and MSA
  • Employment
  • Wage levels (10th, 25th, 75th, 90th, mean, median)
  • Location quotient
  • Jobs per 1k
  • Weekly initial and continued claims
  • National and state level
  • Classification of Program (CIP) identifiers
  • Award levels
  • Awards by gender and race
  • Programs and distance education programs
  • Distance education percentage
  • Integration with occupations

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  • What skills and abilities will be necessary for the jobs of tomorrow?
  • What geographical areas are experiencing the highest growth rates?
  • How you can analyze this data to maximize time and effectiveness?

Included in this webinar are access to free self-service dashboards that will provide instant analysis to job and labor market data. A link to the recorded webinar will be provided to the participants.

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