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Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Strategies with 7 Market Insights

Supply and Demand by Title Cluster and Market – Insight for Work

Employers need awareness of the job market landscape and competition to develop effective talent acquisition strategies. The value of market data is realized when you transform it with business intelligence software into actionable, targeted insights to make strategic decisions.

This white paper and webcast will review how employers can gain strategic insights from seven key market metrics and methods for analyzing and comparing to uncover trends and new recruiting opportunities. The seven key market insights we will focus on include:

  • Remote Work – Understand what your competitors are offering as far as remote or hybrid work environments and stay on top of remote trends.
  • Market Days to Fill – Benchmark the amount of time from when a job opportunity is first posted to when it is expired or removed. Update your job positioning as needed.
  • Supply/Demand Ratio – Determine the relative strength of supply and demand by titles and markets for a realistic assessment, visibility into complimentary workers and skills for recruiting, and assess trends to adjust placement timing.
  • Skills (Assessment) Proficiency – Gain a useful snapshot of the skills capability across job titles and markets using Indeed® Assessment test results, which enables targeted recruiting by desired proficiencies.
  • Employer Reputation and Workplace Satisfaction – Leverage employer ratings and reviews analysis to improve competitive differentiation, positioning and key initiatives such as DEI and employee retention.
  • College Program Diversity – Assess which colleges are the most diverse for a specific program.
  • Cost of Living Index (COLI) Adjusted Compensation – Use COLI adjustments applied to compensation surveys or advertised rates to target remote workers in new markets.

Talent Analytics

Public Insight develops Insight for Work (IFW) a unique talent analytics application. IFW transforms market data from Indeed®, Glassdoor®, Insideview® and government publications into actionable, targeted market insights. Insights can be easily compared to competitors, segmented by job titles and regions and measured over time. Insights optimize talent acquisition strategies, recruiting effectiveness and employer reputation.

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