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Improve Strategic Decision Making, Planning, Employer Branding and Gain a Competitive Advantage

Job Market Analysis data is curated from the Indeed® Jobs Platform, InsideView® B2B Intelligence and Government Data Publications:

  • Job postings by title, occupation, industry, and region
  • Compensation surveys and trends
  • Resumé skills and standardized assessments
  • Resumé education levels and postsecondary institution
  • Employer size, industry, and characteristics
  • Employer satisfaction and ratings
  • Job market supply and demand

Key Features Include:

  • 50+ filters to select from (title, occupation, industry, employer, region, experience, etc.)
  • Monthly data updates and collection analytics
  • Unlimited, instant reports that are easy to generate
  • Export data to Excel
  • Reports exported to PDF and PowerPoint
  • Powerful analysis visuals from Microsoft® Power BI

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Insights Gained from Analysis Help You Understand:

  • Are you offering a competitive salary?
  • Which emerging titles should you target or plan for?
  • What markets should you target?
  • Why can’t you fill an open position?
  • How can an employer improve its brand?
  • And much more…see sample reports below!

Insight for Work is a jobs and labor market application for rapidly analyzing market trends without any database knowledge.

Never before has this analysis been available so quickly, easily and at this low cost.

Any professional responsible for recruiting, HR and career planning can benefit from these strategic insights.

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