We’re passionate about turning public data into actionable insights.

About Public Insight

Our founding team has built several successful data analytics software companies. In 2012, the team began to investigate the potential applications for public data, and they immediately found that public data was housed in silos that were not easily accessed, combined, or analyzed. Thus, after an initial proof of concept Public Insight (formerly 360-Public) was born and the team began to put these pieces together into one unified analytics platform.

Today, Public Insight has created a large and powerful database comprised of billions of data points, and developed tools that make it easy for leaders in the fields of education and healthcare to gain insights from the data that drive their decision-making.

We are passionate about turning public and licensed data into actionable insights.

Our Team

Dan Quigg

Dan Quigg


Dan is CEO of Public Insight and is responsible for setting the vision and strategy of the company. He also is heavily involved in cultivating new markets and new business development. Dan is a serial entrepreneur with 8 startups under his belt. Dan loves to study the Bible and spends his recreational time cycling and playing in NE Ohio baseball leagues.

Andy Forsyth

Andy Forsyth

Chief Technology Officer

Andy leads the strategy and overall vision of our application. He has over 25 years of proven leadership experience with the design and development of software applications. He has keen ability to truly understand both business needs and technology to lead the design and development of software solutions that solve business problems.

Kristi Robinson

Kristi Robinson

Senior Database Engineer

Kristi is a Database Engineer at Public Insight and manages data on our website as well as tests and writes Help. She also likes to let her co-workers win at Foosball. In her spare time, Kristi enjoys kayaking, camping, and travelling. She truly loves working with a talented team who is dedicated to the success of the company and has worked with Dan and Andy in other ventures as well.

Debbie Quigg

Debbie Quigg

Executive Assistant

Debbie Quigg is the Executive Assistant at Public Insight. She is involved in the day to day functioning of the Public Insight office, dealing with everything from research to party planning. Deb enjoys cooking and knitting and works as a Wedding Coordinator and photographer, where she also enjoys telling people what to do.

Company News

Big City Problems in Ohio’s Small Towns

Today, The Center for Community Solutions released a report entitled “Big City Problems in Ohio’s Small Towns” written by former Community Solutions Executive Director John Begala. John took a comprehensive look at the economic, health, educational, and social well-being of 47 small Ohio cities. John leveraged the power of the Public Insight platform “whose incomparable online data service makes available multiple national, state, and local databases” in compiling his analysis.

November 13th, 2017|

Public Insight Launches Self-Service Health Data Analytics

Public Insight, an analytics platform that transforms public and licensed data into actionable insights, announces the launch of Hospital Interactives, the first self-service data analytics offering for the healthcare market.

Hospital Interactives are a unique combination of blended, disparate health data and Microsoft® Power BI software to analyze vast quantities of data effortlessly. Interactives enable rapid decision-making insights for benchmarking, market analysis, business planning, and forecasting eliminating the cost, time, and complexity associated with acquiring, integrating, and analyzing individual databases. Health data sources include: AHA Annual Survey Database™, Hospital Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) and Medicare Provider and Analysis Review (MedPAR) file as provided by OptumInsight®, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The Hospital Interactive library of analyses provides key information about the entire landscape of the nation’s hospitals including financials, staffing, utilization, operations, and quality.

Within seconds hospital decision makers and analysts can view comparisons of data, benchmark against peer institutions, and understand growth trends and other key insights to help drive strategic planning and assessment. Hospital Interactives also enable medical device manufacturers with valuable information on procedure volumes, trends and hospital targeting for sales strategy efforts.

The Hospital Interactives Library is purchased as an annual subscription and includes the following hospital analyses as well as data updates and future releases.

August 9th, 2017|

Public Insight Launches First Self-Service Data Analysis Platform for Higher Education

Public Insight, an analytics platform that syndicates public and licensed private data and transforms it into actionable insights, announces the launch of the first self-service data analysis offering, called Interactives, for the Higher Education market.

Interactives include blended, disparate data from leading education and economic data sources, such as: IPEDS, Federal Student Aid, College Scorecard, U.S. Department of Education, and Bureau of Labor Statistics. Microsoft® Power BI software is utilized to create easy-to-use, manipulate, understand and share graphic visualizations of data analysis hosted in the cloud and accessible at any time.

Within seconds users can see comparisons of data and benchmark against peer institutions, and understand growth trends and other key insights to help drive strategic planning and assessment. The higher education analysis includes data from more than 8,000 postsecondary institutions and 6 billion data points.

May 24th, 2017|

Public Insight Releases August 2016 Update

The August 2016 Public Insight release provides extensive improvements in search capabilities, data source audit trails, and multi-level database extracts. The text searching capability allows you to type any search term and Public Insight will return a list of data sources and path to the metrics containing the search term. For example, the words “health insurance” could retrieve any topic or metric containing those combinations of word such as demographic or health data. Search terms can be very granular such as typing “eye” to get any medical procedure based on the eye.

The update also provides a multi-level hierarchy export option that can seamlessly integrate with visualization tools like Tableau. This exporting is made even more powerful through the new data source audit trails that can accompany any data extract. For example, a data analyst could construct a view of awards and tuition and provide users a navigation path down categories of awards based on ranges of tuition.

August 18th, 2016|

Impact and Efficiency of Higher Education in Northeast Ohio – New report shows who benefits most from access to college experience

CLEVELAND:  At a time when many American families are struggling with the cost of higher education—and questioning its value—a new report provides valuable insight into the Northeast Ohio higher education scene.  The first-ever study of the region’s higher education institutions (IHE’s) measures the collective impact of the 62 public and private colleges and universities that serve one-quarter of a million students in the region, concluding that collective costs are low, while collective value is high.

August 1st, 2016|

Regional Connectivity and Calculation Summaries Highlight the Public Insight May 2016 Update

Public Insight, whose software optimizes the utility of public data sets for decision support and analysis, announced the release of its May 2016 update. Highlighting this update are enhancements to OmniView, a premium subscriber analytical tool built from the ground-up for broad, comprehensive analysis across data sources, metrics, and time.

June 27th, 2016|

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