We’re passionate about turning public data into actionable insights.

About Public Insight

Public Insight was founded in 2012 on the principle of transforming the islands of public data into actionable insights. We marry data curation with the powerful Microsoft® Power BI business intelligence platform to make any executive analysis possible in seconds and minutes instead of hours and days. Today, Public Insight is a leader in the emerging area of self-service business intelligence.

Latest News and Posts

  • April Jobs Report
    Record Job Openings and Quit Rates Influence Market Activity The April jobs report shows job openings and quit rates remain at record levels while hires have not ticked up to fill the employment gap. With unemployment claims now below pre-pandemic…
  • Public Insight Launches Workforce Migration Insights to Optimize Talent Acquisition Strategies
    Analyzes Job Seeker Movement Through Resume Changes Across Employers, Titles, Occupations, Industries and Metro Area Locations Public Insight, developer of talent analytics application TalentView announces its latest release with several enhancements to its Resume and Skills Insights module, including the…
  • U.S. Workplace Satisfaction Declines
    And Other Highlights from the March Jobs Report The fuel for the “Great Resignation” is a complete reassessment of work itself, which to no surprise has impacted workplace satisfaction scores. The ebb and flow of ratings and review data mirrors…