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About Public Insight

Public Insight was founded in 2012 on the principle of transforming the islands of public data into actionable insights. We marry data curation with the powerful Microsoft® Power BI business intelligence platform to make any executive analysis possible in seconds and minutes instead of hours and days. Today, Public Insight is a leader in the emerging area of self-service business intelligence.

Latest News and Posts

  • November Jobs Report – Mixed News Continues
    The November Jobs Report continues to be a mixed scenario. Yet there are signs of getting to market stability. Unemployment rates continue to decline and are now at pre-pandemic levels of 4.4%. Further hiring remains strong with 6.5 million hires…
  • October Jobs Report – Open Postings Climb to 85 Days
    The October Jobs Report is clearly a mixed bag. On the one hand unemployment rates have declined to near pre-pandemic territory at 4.7%. This is only 1 percent above the pre-pandemic rate of 3.7% in February 2020. It is also…
  • September Jobs Report – Increased Worker Dissatisfaction
    The September Jobs Report indicates the tables have turned for workers in a post-pandemic recovery based on crunching the latest jobs and labor data in our Insight for Work solution. In the spring of 2020, millions of workers were laid…