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Transform the islands of public data into actionable insights with analytic datasets and Microsoft® Power BI to better understand your industry and market.

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All the tools you need to get to insight by leveraging public data and Microsoft® Power BI.

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Latest Public Data

Public Insight assembles and curates data from a wide range of data sources keeping the data fresh and relevant.

Instantly Analyze Complex Data With No Data Expertise

Public Insight transforms the complexity of data into clickable measures and categories for instant analysis.

Identify Market Opportunities & Industry Trends

Public Insight uses leading edge visualization from Microsoft® Power BI to quickly identify variations and trends.

Benchmark Performance Against Regions & Peers

Public Insight dynamic report and peer groups provide for instant analysis of the competitive landscape.

Transform Public Data Into Actionable Insights for Benchmarking and Market Analysis

Public Insight unlocks the power within Microsoft® Power BI to see the context behind the data.

Insight for Higher Education

Benchmark postsecondary education institutions & analyze industry and program trends.

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Insight for Healthcare

Benchmark healthcare providers and analyze industry and quality trends.

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Benchmark communities, regions, and markets and analyze demographic trends.

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Public Insight analytic datasets unlock the power within Power BI for understanding the broader market and industry landscape with no database knowledge.

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