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Transform the silos of public data into actionable insights powered by Microsoft® Power BI.

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From Data To Insight

All the tools you need to get to insight by leveraging public data and Microsoft® Power BI.

Public Insight Solutions: Transforming Public Data into Actionable Insights

Public Insight combines the power of data curation and Microsoft® Power BI to create self-service industry analysis solutions for analyzing jobs and the labor market, benchmarking colleges and universities, and evaluating communities.

Insight for Work

Instantly analyze the regional and national labor market landscape using the latest job postings and labor trends.

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Insight for Higher Education

Benchmark postsecondary education institutions & analyze industry and program trends.

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Benchmark communities, regions, and markets and analyze demographic trends and opportunities.

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Public Insight analytic datasets unlock the power within Power BI for understanding the broader market and industry landscape with no database knowledge.

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